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Frequently Asked Questions

Know more around our procedures and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs. For any other questions not covered here, feel free to send us an email at sales OR contact us.

Yes, we have a ladder so that every developer, junior or senior has a senior counsellor or nobles who are always there to assist. You need not worry about the sprints until there is any reliance from your ends, such as existing code contact, or any third-party signups. If you have appointed a dedicated developer from us, we will take accountability for providing the best presentation output.
You will be billed monthly, founded on the start date of your worker. You can salary this using PayPal, Wire Removal or, any leading credit card.
Yes, the assigned developer will work as your worker, therefore, if you have any existing squad or have plans to hire more developers from another cause, our designer will be working as a portion of one team. He will also be responsible for errands that will be assigned to him/her.
Since we only assign our in-house operate to work with your distant staff, we can offer you continues for selection within 48 hrs. Besides apportion them within one week of signing the contract.
Our workforce is working from home throughout this time and using statement tools such as Google meet, Skype, etc. Hence, we are appropriate to fulfill commitments and promises while delivering high-quality facilities that we are known for.
No, we are not providing marketing facilities yet, however going to start soon.
When staffs access remote servers and achieve tasks using potentially sensitive information outside the workplace, all bets are off without appropriate action is considered. Hence, we have taken the following defenses to maintain data safety.
We sign NDA before starting the scheme and adhere to it to the end. If in case there is a destruction, we take full responsibility for it.
We are here for you through the entire procedure, not just the sourcing and collection process. We will be checking in at regular intermissions to ensure that things are operating as per your proposal, and we will also check in at consistent intermissions with your remote operate. We take full accountability for our worker’s presence and presentation, and pride ourselves on always staying on highest of that. You will always be conscious of what is trendy. Communication is the key to achievement.
Yes, we do, we are fully dedicated to meeting clients' working requirements. We believe in delivering consequences, and if that is obligatory to keep confidential, we are happy to logo the NDA.
We can fill a variety of roles for web & mobile domain.
When you hire Pakistan developers & programmers on a monthly contract from us then we gather monthly costs from you. We accept payment through bank wire transfer, online credit cards, etc.
The main aim and advantage of outsourcing is Alhuda Web Company Multan Pakistan for your company. This is attained through higher business process level, substantial cost reduction and smaller scheme delivery time.
If you are looking for a company with the best software developers and getting excellence delivery cost-effectively, it is improved to go for a mid-scale Alhuda Web Company Multan Pakistan company.
You can choose Alhuda Web Company Multan Pakistan, with more than 16 years of experience and delivered 4200+ projects to 2500+ clients globally.
Contact our specialists and they will assist you in turning your exact business needs and supplies into technical requirement for your software.
The procedure for hiring possessions is simple. The customer shares the scheme requirements and the relevant conferences are arranged. Once the best-fit reserve is selected, he (she) is organized with the client.
Every scheme is exclusive. A devoted team is the best select to carefully deal with your special supplies and features stated by your business needs, end-users and individual partialities. Outsourcing your development to an offshore development group is delegating it to authorities in the area, who have established arrangements for actual software development. The suppleness in managing and staffing an ODT assurances high ROI and top-quality effects.
Once the capitals are on-board, each customer is assigned a scheme manager/coordinator and is providing free of charge for statement. He acts as a single point of contact for regular communiqué and query resolution.
We can do it on your appeal after settling all facts. The payment (or a free option) depends on your experimental project supplies and scope. Contact our manager for more specifics.
Yes, if a client is dissatisfied with a particular staff for a specified period of time then Alhuda Web Company Multan Pakistan ensures free and timely replacement.
Prime time would be seven days contingent on the technology and experience required.
Yes, if a client is dissatisfied with a particular staff for a specified period of time then Alhuda Web Company Multan Pakistan ensures free and timely replacement.
We have several bands of developers with knowledge ranging from 1 year - 10 years, however, most of our developers are in the involvement range of 3-5 years.
We have well defined communiqué and management procedure. This includes PM tools and communication tools like Skype, and Google meet.
Though our makers work according to Multan, Pakistan Standard Time, we make sure to schedule meetings at a time that is suitable for the customer. We preserve this for all our clients, including 95% of them who are from ultramarine.
Yes, we would, contingent upon the scheme and squad size, the discount amount would vary.
Alhuda Web Company Multan Pakistan ensures that each client gets timesheet reports along with complete access of the project management tool at an incidence decided by the client.